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We know all too well that there’s an “easy way” and a “hard way” to start your own home business. You could do what most people do, which is waste your time and energy scouring the entire internet for free guides, fail to make progress, get overwhelmed, disheartened then eventually quit before you've really got going.

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Meet The Founder.

Hi, I’m Dr Bradley Tomkins, digital marketing expert and mentor, author of “SEO-Supremo” and founder of eBizTips.net and it’s my mission to help as many people as possible to start their own online business to enhance their income and live their ideal lives. Whether you dream of travelling the world, pursuing your hobbies, doing charity work or simply taking care of your family, when you follow the simple steps to unleashing your potential and starting your own online business anything is possible when world-class education meets hard work and dedication.

I’ve been showing ordinary people how to start their own online business since 2009 and it’s fair to say that I never stop learning! I enjoy the world of digital marketing, the technology, the strategies,  the profits, the freedom… but more than anything I enjoy helping people change their “financial thermostat”.

Back in 2009 I used to work alone, creating modestly profitable websites by myself at home. I was isolated and struggling to scale up. Those problems all melted away when I invested in my own education and joined a supportive community of like-minded digital entrepreneurs. Click to learn more about my story.

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