In the last lesson we talked about some great ways to promote your

membership site. In this lesson we are going to go over some simple

ways to generate backend sales from your membership site.

Many people mistakenly believe that their membership site income only

comes from the monthly subscriptions that they receive. This is far from

the truth. There are several different ways that you can make backend

income from your membership site. Here are some ideas to help you

turn your site into a profit-pulling machine.

Promote affiliate offers.

Affiliate marketing works really well within the membership site model

because you've built up trust with your audience. They've seen your

monthly content and know that you offer quality. They will trust your

recommendations because you've offered good content in the past.

Choose affiliate offers that tie directly into popular topics within your

membership site. Ebooks, video courses and short reports will add

value for your members and boost your backend sales. Send an e-mail

article to your membership site members with good content and a link

to the recommended product.

Sell advertising.

You can charge a small fee per month to existing members or outside

advertisers to display their text ads or display ads on your site. You can

display advertising in the sidebars and just under the header of your

membership site. Search for advertising directories to list the

advertising space and add the offer to your signature file in forums that

you visit. You'll start to see advertising dollars start to roll in the more

you publicize the offer.

Offer personalized coaching.

No matter how much instruction you provide inside of the membership

forum, there will always be people who will want something a bit more

hands on. You can offer exclusive one on one coaching for members

who want that extra help. You can charge this as a one-time fee or as a

additional monthly subscription (sort of like a membership site within a

membership site). Alternatively, you can offer teleconference calls for

membership site members for a small additional fee.

Sell your own advanced products.

There are bound to be topics within your membership site that deserve

special attention. You can make backend sales by creating products

around these topics and offering them to your members. For example,

if you’re running a membership site on weight loss you can create a

special report on the best exercises to do to blast through a weight loss

plateau. Offer this at a special price to your members. You can also sell

the same report at a higher price to non-members to drive traffic back

to your website to grow your membership.

Turn membership site content into individual products.

Once you've built a good amount of content within your site, you can

start using the content for other purposes. Package up your articles on

a specific topic and sell them as a special report. You can even sell

resell rights to the report so that your membership site’s name and link

is distributed widely around the ‘net. You can do this with several

different sections of your website to make some backend income and

get new members for your website.

With one or several of these techniques you can create several streams

of income from your membership site and attract new members.

Click here to access lesson 8. We will be talking

about some big mistakes that could doom your membership site to

failure, so you can avoid them!

If you have any questions or need any assistance please feel free to contact me at anytime. I will be glad to help.